Markdown Editors and Command Line Stuff

New Software Find

Zettlr – a very nice markdown text editor. I’m always on the hunt for the best markdown editor. I was fond of Ulysses, which I used back in my Mac days before they went to a subscription model. It has a nice layout. Zettler is the closest I have found to that style of layout yet. It has word count, dark and light themes and a little timer built in. I hope it keeps on going.

The other contender in the Cute Linux Markdown Editor category, is Typora. It also has a nice, clean interface and is generally pleasant to use.

It depends on the mood you’re in doesn’t it? Some days you want the cute shiny editor and some days you want a command line. Or maybe that’s just me.

On the other end of the spectrum, I’d like to talk about Ranger and NNN and Nedit

Command Line favorites

Ranger and NNN are lovely command line file browsers. I find them both light and easy to use.

Nedit is a command line for noobs text editor that has become my go to. It is easy to work with, you don’t have to go learn a whole crazy set of shortcuts, and it’s lightweight in the terminal. I have been using it on my PocketChip, which is a strange beast. Even if a program runs fine on it, there’s no guarantee that the window will be visible in the screen. There is no GUI zoom, so often times I can’t access the preferences for a program because I can’t see the “Okay” button to confirm. It’s just a pain. So terminal is good. Besides, things just get too overdone, and a lot of processing power gets taken up with bells and whistles, when all you need is a simple text editor. So.

I have used Wordgrinder some, but I really like to use generic .txt or .md file formats and then open them in any program I feel like at the moment. Wordgrinder’s hex .wg format that has to be exported to .txt annoys me. Otherwise I’d probably be using that and would not have even discovered Nedit.

Command line programs don’t get the glory that GUI programs do, and I wish there were better directories for them. So when I find ones I like, I feel the urge to talk about them.