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Linux For Poets

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  • Attempting to DeGoogle

    100 Days to Offload Post 3

    Update: Actually the contacts app doesn’t work right, can’t add a contact with Google Play Services turned off. Finding a non-Google contact app to use that will integrate properly with the rest of the apps is still a goal for me.

    I have disabled Google Play Services, and find that everything is fine,...

  • Adventures with Cellular Telephones: NetGuard

    100 Days to Offload Post 2

    NetGuard is a critical piece of my strategy in mitigating the evil tendencies of Google in my Android phone. I paid for the pro version, and I am very excited about it. It gets you some nifty features, and supporting good open source projects like this is a very worthy cause!


  • My Opinion about Contact Tracing Apps and Privacy

    100 Days to Offload Post 1

    Note: I got all fired up writing this post. I’m calm again now. There are news articles out now about Google Play teaming up with Apple to push out a system update that builds in a contact tracing function, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. While some people seem fine with this, I consider...

  • Adventures with Cellular Telephones: The Actual Apps

    Most of the reviews and discussions about Android and iOS center on how much you like the Apple ecosystem vs the Google ecosystem. That doesn’t give folks like me any useful information at all, because I don’t want to be a part of any dang ecosystem, unless it’s a privacy-respecting open source Linux one (which doesn’t really exist yet for...

  • New Web Site Using Jekyll

    Check it out! I finally have a Jekyll web site up and running. It has taking some troubleshooting to iron out the snags, but I am pleased with the result. I will be updating the older posts and get them put in place as I go along, and fine tuning more details. (Does RSS even work? - It does now!)