Linux For Poets

Phones and Philosophy

I got a new iPhone 5c. I also sold my iPad back to Mac of All Trades. I find now that I want to keep the little Android tablet that I bought (a Hisense Sero Pro). It’s a cute little thing, and it can do small, simple things that I want it to. I mostly want it for taking notes away from electricity (long battery life) in the forest, and I like it because I can easily save notes to Tresorit, my cloud storage of choice, or Bittorrent Sync. In iOS it’s not possible to simply save text files to the cloud service of your choice, only icloud and Dropbox, really, which make me uncomfortable.

I feel that iOS does what it wants to do really well. And if you want to do something else, it probably won’t do it, or not well. Android may, but it may be glitchier. And I was just annoyed by all the extraneous apps that were on the thing, Google everything, and even a Walmart app that I deleted as fast as I could figure out how to delete stuff. Granted, the only Android I have experience with is the Sero, so others may be smoother and faster. Honestly I find a lot of crappy apps on both the Mac App Store and the Google Play store. The Mac “walled garden” I hear referenced is not that pretty to me.

So functionally, I’m happy with my iphone, it’s cute, and it works well so long as I don’t ask too much. And I’ve given up on accessing everything from every device the way I want to, which is why I bought this Macbook Air. Just use one device and keep it backed up well.

If the mythical Linux phone comes around and is affordable, it would be great. The dream is machinery that aligns on functional and philosophical levels. Privacy, and the ability to access your data the way you want, along with a smooth, glitch free, pretty interface. All in good time, I suppose (optimist).

On an unrelated note, I got a case for the Macbook Air, by NuTech, and a keyboard cover. All in an orange that looked pretty on the web site, and the quality is great, but it’s a bit too blinding for my hyper-color-sensitive eyes, so I ordered a new one in dark grey/black from Amazon. All those little details that make it feel nice and pretty.