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Adventures with Cellular Telephones: The Actual Apps

Most of the reviews and discussions about Android and iOS center on how much you like the Apple ecosystem vs the Google ecosystem. That doesn’t give folks like me any useful information at all, because I don’t want to be a part of any dang ecosystem, unless it’s a privacy-respecting open source Linux one (which doesn’t really exist yet for mobile deivces). So here is my breakdown about apps I’m using on my new Android phone, to move away from Google as much as I can without a full OS reinstall.

Note: I have not rooted this phone, or installed a new OS. Perhaps one day, but for now I am content. I am trying to strike a balance between privacy, usability, and my current level of technical expertise. So here we are for now. We’ll see how things go in the future.

To the Apps! Starting with NetGuard

NetGuard (or something like it) is critical - it lets you control internet access (wifi and cell access) for each app.

Pixel phone apps - it's a work in progress.


I was able to import my text messages easily into the Pixel with the built in import tool, and that was great. But then I upgraded the phone to Android 10, and the messages app stopped working. It just crashes when you try to open it. But it made me go looking for an alternative, and I found QKSMS, which is open source and synched right up with the Pixel messsages app (it still had the data, just wouldn’t open). So it was sort of a blessing, because now I have good, open source text messaging. I tried looking at some other apps, but they didn’t handle group messages well, and I didn’t feel like trouble shooting, just wanted it to work, which QKSMS did.

Replacements for Google Apps:

Apps I’m testing for replacement:

Apps I haven’t figured out yet

Google Apps I’ve Disabled:

I’ll disable more as I can! This is a work in progress.

Other Fun Apps:

Might try out the nifty connect your Android to Linux one of these days. I love Ubuntu Mate, but Gnome and KDE have some nifty features. Something to think about.