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Other Things

Mastodon (open source, federated social network) -

  • My favorite Mastodon instance, though certainly not the only good one. I hear good things about Fosstodon too, and have had good experiences on

Linux Fest NW

  • Go if you can! (Though canceled in 2020, due to Covid 19.) A free convention celebrating Linux, and it’s just a great time. It’s in Bellingham, Washington, held annually.

OMG Ubuntu

  • general Ubuntu and Linux news.

  • general tech news

Distro Watch

  • some stats on Linux distro usage, and info about all the distros.

Youtube Nerd Peeps:

Chris Were

  • good solid open source commentary, along with distro reviews, software and gaming stuff, and general nice guy vibes.

Gardiner Bryant - The Linux Gamer

  • if you like gamer things, and comments about Linux in general, and if you want to hear about how he loves the Gnome desktop.