Linux For Poets

Current Favorite Software and Other Things

Typora and Zettlr, tied, for writing articles. Also, I just discovered that Focus Writer is super cute now! It has had an update since the last time I installed it, and I like the fresh look so much! Zim Wiki (always) for notes and journaling Xournal++ for notes on PDFs. Pithos for listening to Pandora stations on Linux without ads. PSNotes by Burn Software for small note taking and writing Netlify for static web sites Back to Ubuntu Mate from Pop OS. I gave it a good go, but sorry guys, Gnome is just not the desktop environment for me.

Zim, my favorite journaling program


Mythology by Edith Hamilton - it’s a book of Greek myths. Great fun. Also digging Viking Myths & Sagas by Rosalind Kerven I bought those these two books at Powells, and they are very pleasant with a cup of tea.

Other Stuff

The Alphasmart Neo. Great actually distraction free writing machine. Not distraction-free meaning a full screen app window, it’s a little keyboard with a small screen and all you can do is type. I love it for sitting outside and writing rambly journals and blog posts. Getting off the computer and listening to no music. Rocking out like it’s 1299 in my silent house. Regaining some chill! I bet people 1000 years ago were very chill. When they weren’t being pillaged by Visigoths or dying of the plague anyway. Chamomile and lavender tea with a bit of honey. Drinking less caffeine. I know it’s lame, but I feel a lot more chill.

Favorite Conundrums

I don’t want to promote my business via social media, because I think proprietary, algorithm-driven social media is mostly a destructive influence, and I don’t want to support or participate in it. RSS however is great, and I’d love everyone to use that to follow my work. Or just use Pixelfed, which is a good thing.

Things I’m still Cranky About

Calling computer programs “apps.” Who thought that was a better word, aside from Apple who just wanted to take over all computers with their branding?